❝ I cannot even tell you the excitement that I feel.  I am watching miracles unfold all around me and I am beginning to realize that my purpose is so great and I no longer want to limit myself.  I want you to know that I am eternally grateful for you and I feel like your gifts are beyond amazing.  You help unlock the door.  I love you. ❞

~ L.N. - Colorado



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Love from the heart​​

"The answers to all your questions are within you."

                         ~Julie Wilson


"Working with Julie has helped me to not only speak my truth but live my truth. With the tools she has given me, I have learned to love myself completely.." Read More.
KG - Colorado

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❝ I feel extremely fortunate to have had Julie's help in clearing and blessing my home the morning it was put on the market. The decision to sell was a difficult to make, but by the time we completed our task I felt certain that I had made the right decision. Not only did her work make the home warm and inviting, it allowed me to fully let go of my former home. Before Julie's arrival, there were two showings scheduled for that day, by the time we finished our work together there were EIGHT showings the first day my home was on the market. Two days later, I signed a contract to sell for three percent more than my asking price. Thank you, Julie!!!!!!! ❞

~ H.R. - ​Colorado

❝ I have been working with Julie for over a year.  My heart is more open, I am filled with more joy, I am in the 'flow' of life and I feel great!  Julie is an amazing healer on many levels.  The emotional, physical, and spiritual journey she has led me on has made me a better mom, wife, teacher, and woman. In Much love and Gratitude.❞

~ C.T. - Wyoming

❝ I have been so blessed to have Julie Wilson as my life coach, energy facilitator and powerful witness to my healing.  As a highly motivated, independent and driven woman, I thought I knew what I needed for myself.  I had pushed myself, hard, all my life to succeed no matter what in anything and everything I had set out to do.  I was not able to see the toll this had taken on me physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually until I began working with Julie.  She was able to lovingly work with me on what has blocked me from truly living a healthy, balanced lifestyle.  I can now appreciate that I don’t have to be hard on myself or push myself to be successful.  I am able to be myself and fulfill my life’s work when I focus on keeping my mind, body and spirit balanced and healthy.  Julie’s generous, loving spirit provides the space for the miraculous. ❞

~ L.G. - Ohio

❝ As the summer began, my dog Penny and I started to hike at some of our favorite spots.  Penny is a healthy, strong dog at the fine age of 7 and usually has no trouble going for a multiple hour hike, but this particular day was different.  Once we got around the first bend in the hike, I could tell something was wrong.  Penny was having a terrible time, needing to stop to go to #2 every couple of minutes, and walking sluggishly. I rushed her to the nearest veterinarian, who said that she was showing signs of a quite common spring bug… a.k.a. bird poop.  Through one of our walks, Penny had come into contact with the 'bug'.  Still upset, as there was nothing more the vet could do but to keep her resting, I called Julie Wilson of Life Wellness to see if she could help.  Julie scanned Penny to find the 'bug' caught in Penny’s gut and started healing work right away.  As Julie worked on Penny, I could visibly see the life coming back into my dog.  Within 24 hours, Penny was interested in carrying around her tennis balls and was able to 'hold it' again in the house.  It was amazing to see how quickly Penny started feeling better.  Julie worked on Penny once more, after a couple days had past, just to make sure that everything was clear.  This felt like the final hump in Penny’s recovery. The day after Julie worked on Penny for the second time, I could barely tell that Penny had even been sick for the last couple of days; she was mostly back to her normal self.  Without Julie’s work, who knows how long it would have taken for Penny to get over the “bug”.  Thank you!❞

~ K.G. - Colorado

❝ Working with Julie has helped me to not only speak my truth but live my truth. With the tools she has given me, I have learned to love myself completely. I'm learning to live from that place of love and this is improving every aspect of my life - my relationships, my work, my health and my connection to Spirit. ❞

~ K.G. - Colorado

❝ I highly recommend Julie Wilson's work for anyone who is ready to make healthy changes within themselves. I can personally attest to a profound shift and healing within my heart from a loss of a child that I was not able to do from other methods. ❞

~ J.V. - California

❝ I have been attending Transformational Heart Transmissions meditation groups for over a year and a half. Words cannot express the spiritual growth and peace I experience in the group. Experiencing Julie's universal love and knowledge has helped me raise my own consciousness and find tolerance, greater love and acceptance in all there is. I highly recommend the experience to others. ❞

~ K.B. - Colorado

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❝ I have been blessed with Julie's powerful healing gift many times. Whenever I have low energy, pain or feel like my spirit is out of balance, I call Julie and the results are always amazing! I use her services to tweak my mind/body/spirit to keep myself happy and healthy. ❞

~ C.C. - Florida