You are energy. Everything is energy.  

Energy cannot be destroyed; it can only be transformed. 

​Energy Sessions


​​​​​​​An energy session designed to help you feel better on all levels of you.


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​​​​​A session that benefits each individual while working with the group as a whole.


​​​​​Give your pets the the gift of wellness.


No statement on this website is intended to be, nor should it be construed to be, medical or psychological advice. 

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"Working with Julie has helped me to not only speak my truth but live my truth. With the tools she has given me, I have learned to love myself completely.." Read More.
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In these sessions, I connect with you, your pet, home or group and use transformational energy techniques to allow you and your Higher Power to make changes that are beneficial. All of these sessions can be done in person or long distance no matter where in the world you may be.

Home Clearing

Group Session


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Love from the heart​​

"You are guided, guarded, protected and taken care of at all times."

                         ~Julie Wilson

​​​​​​​Clear the non-beneficial 

energies around and within 

your home.