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Love from the heart​​

"You are guided, guarded, protected and taken care of at all times."

                         ~Julie Wilson

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"Working with Julie has helped me to not only speak my truth but live my truth. With the tools she has given me, I have learned to love myself completely.." Read More.
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No statement on this website is intended to be, nor should it be construed to be, medical or psychological advice. 

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Workshops are offered to empower others how to help themselves.

These workshops may cover:

* Energy techniques that can be used by a person, with their family or pets to heal and transform.

* Self empowering techniques to gain confidence and self esteem.

* Tools for every day living to navigate through life.

* Techniques to live and be in your own personal truth.

Julie is available to come to your area to teach workshops.  Please contact her  for more information.