This eventually led me into a practice of incorporating coaching and all of the energy techniques, and the ability to intuitively connect with a person physically, emotionally, and spiritually.  It is through these many tools and processes that you are empowered to become the truth of who you are meant to be . . . for you to truly align with your Divine Soul purpose. 

The Journey

The first step on my new path was to attend the Quantum Energetics Institute.  This was an 18 month program of classes, clinicals, and interning.  Further training was completed in Basic and Advanced Theta Healing® two years later.  I continued to add to my "tool box" with Regeneration Healing, Emotional Release, Harmonics of Transformation, Animal Communication and Divine Channeling. 

The Awakening


​I have been a lifelong educator in the classroom and in business.  During my years as a corporate trainer, I completed a three year program to become a personal and professional life coach.  As my coaching experience grew, I found that I was mainly coaching people on career change and health and wellness, my passion.

We are all on a journey of Soul evolution.  You have the ability to transform and become more than you imagine!



About Julie

Love from the heart​​

"When you do what is right for you, it is right for everyone around you."

                           ~Julie Wilson

In service, from my heart center to yours,

Julie Wilson
Natural Health Practitioner, Life Coach, Teacher

Founder of Life Wellness

Even as a young child, I could connect with people on a deep level.  I would speak with someone, and just know what to say to make that connection. 

During my childhood, I didn't know that was my intuition or "inner knowing" helping me to understand people in ways that were not explainable.   It was not till many years later that I understood these gifts and incorporated them into my passion!

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"Working with Julie has helped me to not only speak my truth but live my truth. With the tools she has given me, I have learned to love myself completely.." Read More.
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It was a turning point for me.  I decided I wanted a more “hands on” approach to health and wellness.  I soon discovered Quantum Energetics™ and knew that was the path I wanted to take for a career change.  Little did I know that this change would allow me to live in my passion!

I love what I do and it brings me great joy!  All of this comes through my heart center with great love. I have been told that I am the Bearer of the Keys for the people I work with.    

Perhaps you will find the key here to unlock the door to step into the wonderful life you are truly meant to live.  I would be honored to help you unlock that door!